Cherish Life’s Simple Pleasures


There’s a lot going on these days: social media, mobile devices, 24-hour news, email, gadgets, Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on!  We are constantly stimulated – not that that’s a bad thing!  But it’s in the midst of this excitement and animation that we can forget life’s most elementary joys and simple pleasures.

It is when we step back and take delight in the uncomplicated and effortless pleasures that our lives inevitably become richer.  I am always on the lookout for ways to create a simpler, richer and more influential life.  We live this life only once so why not cherish each moment and seek to create a lifetime of treasured memories?

Here’s a few simple ideas for cherishing life’s little pleasures…

{1. idea}
Keep a bound daily planner, even if you use an electronic calendar to manage your
day-to-day life.  By recording the special or even every-day moments you’ll have a lovely record of memorable moments from the past weeks and months.

{2. idea}
You don’t have to save candlelight for special occasions or when the power is on the blink!  Why not embrace its calming effect by lighting a few candles and enjoy the tranquility of the soft light?

{3. idea}
Without water very little would survive in this world.  Yet it is a convenience we take for granted every day.  When was the last time you…

  • took a long, hot bath
  • curled up in a cosy spot and listened to the sound of rain hitting the roof
  • stood at the edge of the ocean and gazed out to sea
  • stopped to breathe in the smell of rain

{4. idea}
A few days ago I took some time out of my usual routine to eat my breakfast and watch the sunrise…  From the usual breakfast-on-the-run this was a truly magical experience! When was the last time you watched a sunrise or sunset? 

What are some of the simple luxuries that you cherish?