February in Review

On the eve of our third month into 2012 it’s refection time for me.  I’m so thankful for the moments that I have had to pause in the midst of the hustle and bush of life and stop, think and reflect.  The month of February has been wonderfully busy for me!  Work is abuzz with barristers and solicitors visiting for court, university commencing and having the opportunity to share some lovely weekends with friends and family away from home and many other memorable moments.  It has definitely been a great month.

In the world of blogging it was slightly quieter although we did have a very exciting and memorable day on the 22nd of February – International Be a Gentleman Day!  With a special guest post from Peter Ryan from Today’s Gentleman on the subject of Respect.

I also had opportunity to share my thoughts on attributes of the Modern Gentlemen as a guest post – don’t forget to check it out!

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  International Be a Gentlemen Day

As we step into a fresh, new, exciting new month look back at how far you have grown in the past two months?  What experiences have improved you as a person?  What character flaws need some attention?  Remember. . . even if you feel that the smallest thing you are doing is making a difference – you are actually doing a great thing!  Keep up the good work!