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(Crown Prince Frederick & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark pose for an official photograph with their son, Prince Christian)


The Danish Royal Watchers has officially given the approval for Grace & Poise to post their photos. As I mentioned in my first post, that I would be using some photos to explicate any moves in the articles.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark proves to be an excellent model, to show feminine deportment. I would sincerely like to thank gigi and lotte, the contributors of the Danish Royal Watchers, for their kindness in allowing me to use their photographs.
So as I continue to post etiquette articles, I hope that these photographs will be able to explain the articles more practically.

Photo Credit — Danish Royal Watchers

Welcome: Grace & Poise

Elegant Mary

Welcome to Grace & Poise!

 We would like to thank you for visiting our website!

The main purpose of this site is to present information on how to act, speak, and how to have elegance and style, as a Lady.

It is from pure enjoyment, that I have created this site. I enjoy gathering information about etiquette and deportment, and how to have classiness and elegance as a young woman.
This site will present not only how to act, with etiquette but also, the details, for example, how to walk or even the simple ways of leaving your seat and placing your legs! But we will also cover more in depth subjects of attending a formal dinner or cocktail party.

With each article will accompany a photo or two to give more explanation on the subject.

Clare xx

Image Courtesy Danish Royal Watchers (used with permission)