Welcome, to Grace & Poise.

Grace as defined in the Webster’s dictionary is: “The manner, deportment or language which renders a person appropriate and agreeable, suitable and elegant with appropriate dignity.” Poise is a word which is more difficult to define, but the same source explains it in the context of “weight and balance” with a focus on balance.

If you have ever had the fortune of meeting or associating with individuals, who indeed exhibit the qualities of Grace & Poise, you would no doubt understand and appreciate the real meaning much better than mere words can describe.
Into a society where true Grace & Poise is rarely seen, we wish to present this humble website to share with you a guide to maintaining Grace & Poise in your everyday situations.

You will notice that we often use photographs of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to clarify the intent of our articles. We offer no apologies for this, since most would agree Princess Mary is herself a living personification of GRACE & POISE.
There is another good reason for the use of these photographs, and that is the Danish Royal Watchers have given us permission to use the photographs on the Grace & Poise website. (A special thank you goes to gigi and lotte, the contributors of Danish Royal Watchers.)

We believe that everyone, but in particular young ladies and women, could enhance their surroundings with a touch of Grace & Poise in their lives, and we hope that you can gain some benefit from the articles presented.

We welcome any questions and comments. Please feel free to contact us.


51 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Dear Clare,
    I took a peek at both of your blogs and was quite impresssed. I encourage you to keep up the encouragement that you share – it is a blessing!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog – it is very much appreciated!
    May the Lord bless you abundantly and grant you your heart’s desire!!
    Fondly, *Sara*

  2. Thank you, Sara! It is truly wonderful to recieve encouragement. What a blessing it is to have wonderful christian blogging friends!
    I was truly blessed by your sweet little blog also!


  3. I just logged onto your blog. I’ve aloways enjoyed your postings and photos and I think this homepage of yours is just as wonderful.

    Masny thanks

    From Western Australia

  4. this is really a good blog,a page, though im from nigeria, but this is my first time logging on this page and it is quite motivating getting to know there is someone out there who knows so much about poise,grace and etiquette, i would really love to read more of your articles, more greas to your elbow.

  5. I personally believe a gracious person strives to add charm to his/her environment, enriching the very surroundings his/her presence lives or passes through with manners, humble royalty,gentle affection and value.
    People do not realize that manners are simply for the sake of the receiving party, for it is pleasant if not enchanting, to be in the company of a gracious lady.
    It would be as if nature is in accordance with every word that flows from her lips and from every gesture she makes with her hands.
    But most of these values have been lost in these present days, only a few cherish and practice them.

  6. Claire,

    What a fun idea! I like how you present very important aspects of being a lady. A couple years ago I was involved in our church youth group, and taught the 8th grade girls. As part of our weekly time together I used a girls study “charm” course to teach them lady like manners. It was so much fun! (especially fun to see them follow through and act like ladies – posture especially). Thank you again!



  7. I’ve just come upon your site and I am overjoyed! How lovely to have discovered that these attributes continue to be important.
    Thank you!

  8. I have been looking for a site like this for quite a while. I am very impressed. Thank you for taking the time to inform women about grace and poise.

  9. I’m a female student in the predominently male field of engineering, and sometime find myself adopting some “un-lady-like” behaviors. It’s so refreshing to have a resource like this to remind me to try to act with grace and poise, even when it’s easy to forget.

    Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for those kind words, Julie! I encourage you to stay true to your feminine side – even when surrounded predominately by males! I know from experience that men value women who strive to become feminine and elegant.

      Keep up the good work!

  10. It is no coincidence that the princess so resembles Audrey Hepburn … and although Mary’s is no rags to riches story – she was a polished professional when the lucky Prince Frederik was cosmically drawn to a quaint inn in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. She was no Eliza Doolittle – needed so little training. Her regal air is unforced and came so naturally. Remember that Mary is of Scottish descent, and of course the British Royals have always trusted their young to Scottish nannies. The Danish monarchy is indeed in safe hands; Mary will mentor the junior Princess Marie into a similar “poise and grace”. I was resident in London two years ago in my own professional capacity and the Princess was very much noted around town, but not in tabloid circles. She makes an impression very much behind the scenes as a real do-er. I’m sad that the tabloid press is accusing her of associating with a convicted drug dealer – I believe she is simply polite to friends, and her natural loyalty is above all other considerations. And all this besides a natural beauty. Lucky Danes – Australia is the poorer for the loss, but she has loyal sisters carrying out charity work on her behalf back in Tasmania.

    • Dear Kyle,
      Yes, I do belive Prince Frederick has chosen wisely in his quest for a Crown Princess and future Queen. Although I do belive that Mary has ‘grown’ in herself from becoming a professional city gal to princess. And Princess Marie has been quoted to say that Mary has helped her (and helping) to become more elegant and learn the ropes of royal life.
      If you have had the opportunity to watch any danish documentaries on the Danish Royal family you will quickly realise that Mary is not all about prada handbags and louboutin shoes. She invests her time into charities and organizations that she has a keen interest in and lives what she preaches, so to speak.
      So, thanks for the interesting comment, Kyle! We look forward to having you visit us again.

  11. yes, a website like this is a good idea. we all have different opinions about grace n poise. we shall see what others are thinking. Mary had a course at Starmakers to help her achieve what she has. Nobody is born knowing. We all have teachers. So do you have any photos of before and after for Mary? She has come a long, long way.

  12. I agree fully, Kyle. I really admire the grace that Mary has shown during rather unfortunate times such as the tabloid incidents. She is a shining example of how one should always conduct oneself when others show anything but grace and poise. I think that she should publish a book about etiquette. She has handled herself beautifully after that unfortunate dinner.

  13. Rigetta, women all over the world – including such sad places as an orphanage in Ghana – have been able to smile again after a visit from Mary. I simply loved her pink outfit on that visit, with the beautiful touch of a handwoven scarf – un homage, you could say, to the toil of the villagers. The tabloids unfairly compared her with Diana, as though she was copying. I believe she makes her own mark on all of her endeavours. I have to gently disagree with you, though, on the concept of an etiquette book. One of the most wonderful things about royals is that they are trained not to flinch when less well brought up people make etiquette faux pas around them. Mary – being so truly sensitive to others’ feelings – would not like to appear to be dictating to their manners. She simply takes every commoner she deals with, in her stride. But I am not disagreeing with you! If Royal protocols allowed it, she would certainly be the very best candidate to undertake such a mission – improving the way we all encounter each other in the world.

  14. I completely agree, Kyle. You are most correct in saying that Mary would never want to dictate anything to others. I love that she is so down to earth, yet so composed and graceful at all times. I really enjoyed seeing the ads for Huggies featuring the graceful princess during a visit to her homeland. It was wonderful that she was able to go to the market to purchase nappies for her babies, just like any other mother. She takes responsibility for her children instead of sending a nanny to do the work. How refreshing! I’m so glad that we were able to see the photos. Otherwise, I would have just assumed that she didn’t do such things. She is a real mother and a graceful princess. I truly admire her.

  15. Rigetta, you are so right. Mary’s deft handling of commercial interests – who always attempt to go beyond the “by appointment” by all sorts of means – has been exemplary. I think she has been well guided in this by her father. He has been so careful to ensure that his commercial endorsements have been about the environment and doing good for the world. He was very much at the fore when Copenhagen was hosting the Climate Change Conference. Mary has been careful to avoid political topics. Endorsing Huggies (a symbol of motherhood), Dulux (palace home decor is one of a princess’s most demanding tasks) and encouraging jewellery and fashion manufacturers is the most appropriate arena for the princess. I even noticed that she has encouraged third-world countries such as Thailand and Vietnam to export their jewellery to Denmark.

  16. Yes, there is so much to learn from this great role model. I especially liked it when she showed us that it is acceptable to show your passion in public and give your deserving husband a great big kiss after a dinner speech. She has showed us that is a delightful way to show everyone, including the honoree, that she is a deeply passionate womean and we can all learn from that. And, that will make the world a better place when we can reach out and lunge across the room for a dramatic smakker to our loved one! Yes for grand public displays of affection! I cant wait for my own opportunity to do the same thing! Thank you, Princess Mary, our style, poise, and grace guru!

  17. For some years now, whenever I have a down time and feel as though I am ageing disgracefully I look to Princess Mary for guidance. The incredible rejuvenation of her Australian skin is a real inspiration for me. I was a beach babe, and am paying the price; I’m also like most Australians in my field, partial to a tad too much to drink! She’s also a total inspiration in not letting herself get too plump. I recently split from a short-term relationship with a gorgeous young man and I am sad about that. I am so glad that I have the example of Grace and Poise that is Mary to comfort me. She had previous relationships that ended – and she went on to better things!

  18. Why Hambra, you make it sound like Mary had many relationships prior to meeting and marrying the one, her own prince Charming. I am almost appalled by that insinuation. As far as I know she had only had one relationship before Frederic. And this union drifted from puppy love to deep friendship instead of the true and undying love she was seeking and is now able to enjoy with her husband.
    Also I can’t really follow you on the rejuvenation of her skin? IMO this is what has made her so perfect for the job as a princess (and a crown princess at that): her natural beauty!
    The few pictures that exist of her life before destiny called ( her many many friends are so very very protective of her) show a sporty, healthy and beautiful young woman, the very same you see today, only that back then she didn’t wear the exquisite designer outfits that seem made for her. You can tell by the early pictures that fashion really is not high on her priority list, which is great and makes her efforts to be the perfect mother, wife and patron of her many many worthy causes so much more valuable.

    • Brenda A, I really wish to defend my comment! Mary only had one de facto relationship before her relationship with Frederick began. However, she had several profound and meaningful affairs. One was with a sports professional, Ryan O’Keefe, in Sydney, and that affair introduced her to the elite sports fraternity in Sydney, and hence the Olympics. The de facto relationship with Brent Annells was never puppy love! They met as colleagues, and then they were in business together. I’m not sure why you are contradicting me when I am saying exactly the same thing as you – that Mary’s skin rejuvenation and total makeover have been an absolute inspiration to hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. Certainly, she had many protective friends – Amber Petty, Beatrice Tarnawski, Kylie Matthews, Sarah Murdoch, and of course her sisters and brother, to whom she remains very very close.

  19. Thank You Clare for this blog, it is truely wonderful to find somewhere where one can talk freely in glowing terms about The Crown Princess.
    She really has magnificent elegance and class and has really been an inspiration to me and many worldwide. She is such a wonderful ambassador for Denmark and for her native Australia and I admire her so much for her ability to be such an icon and fabulous mother. I cannot wait to see her new twins in a few weeks !

  20. Plastic Surgery –

    I wonder if the Crown Princess realises how much of an inspiration she has been for us less than perfact individuals. To me her face and figure, carriage and deportment are second to none in Europe at the moment. I would really wiah all women to have a body like she has, but in especially her serene face and in particular her ears. I would truely love to have ears like her and wish we could see more detailed pictures so that perhaps some could copy them better.
    If you have close-ups, Clare, please share them with us.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Thank you so much for this blog! Truly! I just came across it this evening and am already eating up the posts and sharing with friends. Please do keep up the good work, and again, many thanks!

    • Hello Michelle! Oh, it is a true delight to write and very wonderful to hear that you are inspired by these humble thoughts.

      We look forward to seeing you again soon!

  22. I actually enjoyed studying it. I need to understand much more on this topic. I’m admiring time and effort you invest your blog, due to the fact its beneficial website where I can discover lots of handy info.

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  25. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, which brought me to your lovely blog! I’ve enjoyed looking through it, and have been encouraged by what I’ve read. I will come back again.

  26. Again, thank you for this blog. Catherine(Kate Middleton), wife of Prince William also personifies grace and poise, along with beauty and femininity, just like William’s beautiful mother, the late Princess Diana.

  27. Good day,
    I have been inspired and uplifted by your blog. You are right about how rapidly we are loosing manners and grace in this generation. I ma in South Africa and one day i hope people can catch up with the message.

    God bless.

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