Simple Ways to Start the Day Right


During the last few weeks I’ve learned to love mornings.  There is nothing better than starting the day with the birds, breathing in the fresh air and watching the sunrise over the treetops.  My appreciation of mornings first began a few months ago when I found myself not looking forward to the morning hours as much as I used to. Perhaps it was having such a busy schedule every day and finding myself rushing around almost before the day had started.

So I made a point of rediscovering the joy in mornings.   Taking time to appreciate the fresh, crisp air, the wonderful feeling of a new day breaking or a quiet solitary moment were small ways I began to enjoy mornings more.  My appreciation of my morning time is growing as I continue to implement small changes into my daily routine as listed below.


Plan an delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Planning breakfast the night before is an essential.  I’ve been soaking oats the night before and upon waking, I pop them on the stove (or microwave) and within a few minutes I hve a steaming-hot breakfast!

Sleep in total darkness.  A good nights rest will aid you in feeling fresh and alive the next morning! Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is produced in the darkness.

Drink water before going to bed and immediately after waking. Ending your day with water is one of the best ways to help your body store nutrients and minerals.  Starting your day with water aids your body in rehydrating itself and you’ll feel much more refreshed.

Turn off the phone.  Honestly, we all know why!  If not, read up here.

Plan your day ahead the previous night.   Nothing really stresses me more than going to bed with a million ‘to-do’s’ running through my mind!  Plan your day before you hit the pillow.  If you are like me and think of the things at any crazy hour, keep a pen and paper by your bed.

Spending time in solitary.  One of my greatest joys of the morning is spending what I call ‘quiet time’.  Usually spent alone and in silence, I can gather my thoughts, meditate and plan the details of my day.

Wake up to music. Not only do I love the quiet times of the morning but I love to start the day with joy!  I usually start streaming some of my favourite tunes as I’m getting dressed and doing my hair for the day.

How do you like to start the day?

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4 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Start the Day Right

  1. Sun salutations done outside in summer on the lawn or in front of the east window of our bedroom the rest of the year. We live on forested acreage so there is a lovely view no matter where I perform the sequence. Following that, I walk my dog along the trail through our forest. In the winter time my husband even snowblows the trail for me. I love mornings. It is my most favourite time. I love your blog. Thank you.

  2. It is awfully simple to begin your day like you have so cheerfully said, it is awfully hard get one there at times, however, for a night owl like me. Thanks for resetting my dreams though.

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