Isn’t She Lovely | No. 6 feat. Kate


Since her wedding to the future King of England, I personally considered the Duchess of Cambridge’s style to be rather plain and yes, perhaps a little boring at times.  That was, until I saw her don the gorgeous L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Print dress for engagements in Brisbane, Australia. The combination of a light blue clutch, navy heels and hair pulled back into a half up/down do, complemented the ensemble perfectly.



What do you think of Kate’s royal style?

In my opinion, this is one of her best ensembles of the royal tour, however here are a few more favourites…


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3 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely | No. 6 feat. Kate

  1. I have followed the Duchess since before her marriage. The way she dresses is always classy, dainty and timeless. Her style has always reflected the fact that she never seeks to draw attention to herself, but she still dresses with class and care as one in her position should.

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