Q&A No. 1: Seating a Lady


Anna recently asked:
Does a lady enter a dining chair from the right or left side of the chair?

A socially savvy gentleman knows that his date is always seated to his right.  The same applies to casual situations and especially formal where the lady enters the dining chair to the right side.  When all the women at the table are seated, the men sit down.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A No. 1: Seating a Lady

  1. I note, with great pleasure, that HRH is holding the umbrella for his wife, and moving towards her outside (the road side – the better to protect her from muck thrown up by the carriages). My Dad always does this, and one of my best male friends was also “brung up proper” and always does this. Other guys look at me and say “huh?”.

    Sadly, a former boyfriend told me that although his mum taught him to do these things, he was once yelled at by a date for opening her car door for her, and he never dared act like a gentleman again. I don’t blame him! He was very relieved when I told him that actually, I really appreciated things like that 🙂 I wonder how many guys there are out there looking to see whether the gentlemanly actions they were taught are relevant, or looking to see how to behave in a “more gentleman-like manner” (with apologies to Mr Darcy for stealing his quote 🙂

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