Oscar de Renta Spring 2014 Collection


Sleek and sophisticated, Oscar de Renta’s Spring 2014 collection begins with checkered, black and white, ladylike separates.  But just like springtime, things blossom into crisp whites with intricate patterns.  Blushing shades of colour create a colourful ending with mint, pink and pretty springtime patterns.

This collection reminds us of a garden: letting go of the wintery blues and springing forth into a brand new season with bursts of sunshine and an abundance of colourful flowers and foliage.

What do you love about this collection?


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5 thoughts on “Oscar de Renta Spring 2014 Collection

  1. If money were no object, I would have the entire Spring collection in my closet! It is so refreshing to see lady-like clothing returning; such a wonderful departure from the crass ‘twerking’ fashions now seen everywhere. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what is graceful and lovely! You are wise beyond your years and a welcome inspiration to young ladies…..and we ladies ‘of a certain age.’

  2. There are some that are leading to inspiration on attire that gives the vibe of grace and femininity. I also am tempted to make outfits out of those new pieces of clothing; I cannot wait for those to come to the stores.

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