Words of Wisdom No. 13

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
– Thomas Jefferson

Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.
– Unknown

Encourage someone today. Be an angel to somebody today. Be a blessing to those who deserve it and those who do not, because you may never know whose life you are turning around. Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
– Unknown

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
– Melody Beattie

The greatest possession you have is the 24 hours directly in front of you.
– Anonymous


Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.
– John F. Kennedy

Remember that when you leave this earth you can taken nothing of what you have received, but only what you have given.
– Saint Francis of Assisi

The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do. – Andrew Carnegie

Hard times are like a washing machine, that Twists, Turns and Knocks us around, but, at the end, we come out Cleaner, Brighter and Better than before.

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