A New Standard of Beauty?

I recently read a news article featuring photography of Philip Toledano and his proposition of introducing a new kind of beauty.  Over the years our perception of “beautiful” has been warped into some altered figure of plumbed-lips, wrinkle-free face, copious amount of cleavage and stick skinny legs to boot.  With the incredible rise in women choosing plastic-surgery we now have a plethora of women having the opportunity to shape, form and create their own version of beautiful.

Should we re-define beauty into something that is designed by a surgeons hand?  Stretching, pulling and tucking which make a normally natural look become ageless and immovable.  Those who find their beauty by altering their appearance will find that after time even that appearance will fade and in most cases need to be re-touched and altered as time goes by.

Beauty, I believe is much deeper than the outer appearance of a woman.  It can’t be defined by the size of someone’s waist, the amount of cleavage one has or even how tall one is.  I have met women who are naturally ascetically beautiful, yet their personality was oftentimes catty and they were constantly jealous.  Their focus was always on their outer appearance rather than their inner beauty.  Then on the other hand I know some truly beautiful women.  No, they will never win the Miss America Beauty Pageant but what they lack in physical appearance they defiantly make up with a vibrant personality and a zest for a fulfilling life. Their beauty shines from their warm, loving personality and is reflected in their smiles and actions.

How do you define beauty?  Do you measure it by some Photoshopped look on the front of a glossy magazine or do you hold a higher standard of beauty?

5 thoughts on “A New Standard of Beauty?

  1. I pinned this post; hope you don’t mind, Clare! {One of my favorite girl names ever, by the way! :D} It saddens me to see/think of the many women who have altered themselves physically in an effort to become “more beautiful”… yet somehow, they just end up looking like cookie-cutter versions of each other.

    • or WORSE. If these YOUNG women would take courses in old fashioned ‘charm school’; they would be more BEAUTIFUL

    • Aww, that’s so sweet of you, Arlene! 🙂 Great to see you in the blogging world again! It’s so true – each woman is stunning. Uniquely and perfectly special! xx

  2. Oh Claire, you are a lady after my own heart. I couldn’t agree with this post more. Women who have spent vast amounts of money transforming themselves into what men’s magazines dictate is attractive unfortunately lose most of the beauty they had to begin with. That’s not to say they are not “sexually attractive” to men, but as far as beauty is concerned .. It’s no longer there. A woman that radiates health, happiness, kindness and grace is beautiful .. and those qualities all come from the inside out. A lot of the time, those who defer to plastic surgery don’t feel beautiful on the inside so need to alter the outside.. and for me it’s easy to pick the difference. Unfortunately I think a lot of people today are overly swayed by popular culture so adhere to the pressure to look like the woman on the cover of that book. In my humble opinion, its much more effective to work on your health and on becoming a beautiful person on the inside. x

    • Dear Hannah
      Thank you for your comment – it’s when I read comments like yours that my desire to keep blogging overflows. . .
      I wholeheartedly agree with you… despite what we constantly see in the media today real beauty goes far beyond the outer appearance of a woman. So fantastic to hear that there are other ladies out there with the same outlook! Thanks for popping by and do come again! xx

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