Bad Manners – the Biggest Problem Facing Society?

According to a recent survey, bad manners are the biggest problem facing modern society.  Good manners? Well, apparently they’re fast becoming a thing of the past!

Whether you care to agree or not I’m sure you’d no doubt concur with me that commonplace society is not raising the bar – it’s more likely being lowered.

Interestingly enough, ninety per cent of those questioned in the survey blamed the decline in standards on the example offered by parents.

1. Spitting on the street or out of cars.

2. People who try to board public transport before letting others get off.

3. Standing two-abreast on escalators, making it impossible for people in a hurry to move by.

4. Smokers who hold their cigarettes away from fellow companions but allow their smoke to drift towards others.

5. Uncovered sneezing, coughing and prolonged sniffing.

6. People noisily chewing gum.

7. Queue hoppers and line jumpers – wait your turn!

8. Shop assistants who keep talking among themselves or continue a personal phone call while you’re waiting to be served.

9. Prolonged PDA-ing in public.

10. Commuters who take up two seats – one for themselves and one for their bag.  Or young travelers not giving up seats to elders.

11. Motorists who do not return your wave after you’ve let them in a queue ahead of you.

Really, it doesn’t take much to show a little courtesy when you’re in public.  If you have been an offender of one of these (or more!) think of others and you’ll be amazing how far a little respect and courtesy goes!

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7 thoughts on “Bad Manners – the Biggest Problem Facing Society?

  1. I would add using foul language when children are present or singing obscene song lyrics in a public place. Also wearing T shirts depicting sexual acts (even with stick figures, it is still gross) or sporting putdowns (my hall of shame award goes to the Dad with four kids at Steak and Shake on a Saturday afternoon who was wearing a T-shirt that said “I support single mothers” with a shadow image of a woman dancing on a pole.). This coarsens the environment for everyone around them.

  2. I agree with this list and am guilty of some things, some times. I read somewhere to give the *I could have had a V-8* motion to let others know you are sorry for your bad manners…..and a smile at the end wouldn’t hurt, either. (I don’t know if that would totally excuse spitting on the sidewalk in front of somebunny.)

  3. I believe it comes down to consideration (founded on empathy) and it really doesn’t take too much to make society more pleasant. Hence the reason for International Be a Gentleman day 22nd February.

  4. I agree with Peter and would add that the consideration must be for others. Compassion is a key component in my opinion also; not just compassion for others, but compassion for ourselves, especially when we are judging others. I also agree that we can make society hugely pleasant by making small efforts often and by smiling more. Hope you’re enjoying summer as we are busy shoveling snow!

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  6. I would like to add that I find it bad manners when people eat food on public transport, brush their hair or applying make up. Also opening/closing windows on trains. It doesnt take much to simply ask “Would you mind if I xx the window?”.
    Unfortunaltey it is such a “ME” world and people forget to consider those around them.

  7. I believe women have to practice manners TOGETHER. There are too many young girls especially in the US who have pottymouths, just look on facebook etc.

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