Test Your Etiquette Knowledge!


(Hands up for those who pass!) 

Is it appropriate to place your elbows on the table when there is no food in front of you? Should thank you notes should be sent within 24 hours? In a business introduction, should a woman should wait for the man to extend his hand?
Test your etiquette awarness today, and take this 14 question test – and find the answers!

In the coming post, we will go into more depth on if, and why these answers are correct.

HM Queen Margrethe , HRH Prince Henrik, HRH Prince Frederick, & HRH Princess Mary on board the Dannebrog

6 thoughts on “Test Your Etiquette Knowledge!

  1. Hi Clare, I love your post!

    Elbows on tables? – never under any circumstances (unless you’re about to pass out from over-consumption!)

    Thank you note in 24 hours? – for a dinner party, um yes?

    Should a woman wait for a man to extend his hand? – no it’s actually the other way around, however I think this rule is being relaxed now?

    How did I go?


  2. You have a lovely website! I have really enjoyed browsing the posts. I didn’t know most of the etiquette tips, so it was fun learning new things! I will check back soon!

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